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Does the node access the streamsets DC UI need to be the same node streamsets was installed on?

I have a cluster of machines hosting hadoop (MapR) and have install streamsets on one of the nodes (say node002) following the RPM documentation. However, I am accessing the web UI for the data collector from another node, node001.

My question is, when I specify files paths (eg. an origin directory), which file system is the web UI going to be referring to? Eg. if I put an origin directory as /home/myuser/mydata, will the pipeline created in the web UI be looking for that directory in node001 or node002? New to using streamsets, so a more detailed answer would be appreciated. Thanks.

** Ultimately I am asking this because I am currently getting "FileNotFound" and "permission denied" errors while trying to follow the documentation's tutorial and am trying to debug the situation.