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Oracle CDC CLient with oracle Standby Server

Hello. I use StreamSets Data Collector 3.16.0

I try to run a Oracle CDC CLient with oracle Standby Server.

1)I changed Standby Server mode to snapshot (because LogMiner requires write access to the database)

2) I set Initial Change to 'From Date', Start date to yesterday.

2) Ran Oracle CDC CLient. It's working - OK.

3)I switched DB to readonly mode to apply redo logs (users have to see new data on server). after 5 minutes I switched it back to snapshot

4)Oracle CDC CLient connected to db - OK. And there CDC CLient stop loading. It may start loading new records after 40-50 minutes or may not. In log there are no errors, just "got rollback for 21... transaction discarded.", by timestamp I see that Log is updating. In monitoring->summary : delay is increasing, and 0 records processed. if I switch DB one more time , committed offset may decrease (1593126714->1593124914) or may stay the same.

I cannot figure out what is problem and would appreciate any help.