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register Data Collector for SaaS application end users

I have a question for registering Data Collector for our end users. I am developing SaaS application providing software integration solution for end users. Users can login into our SaaS application and choose to deploy StreamSets Data Collector on Kubernetes.

According to the following documentation:

Data Collector installation packages downloaded from the StreamSets website require that you register and activate the Data Collector instance with StreamSets.

The question is what is the right option for registering our end users who install SDC through our SaaS application.

  • Option 1) After a user start SDC, let the user (admin) registers for himself/herself individually on SDC UI?
  • Option 2) Is there a API submitting the registration (with user’s information including emailaddress) that can be called by our SaaS application for our end users?

Note: Our SaaS application allows users to choose either pure open source or with optional Control Hub. Therefore, our SaaS application needs to support for both user types for registration with or without Control Hub.