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Unable to access Streamsets through URL from K8s

I'm using ansible script to deploy streamsets on k8s master node. There is play where I'm checking if the streamset dashboard is accessible via{{streamsets_nodePort}} where streamsets_nodePort: 30029. The default port is 30024, which is assigned to other service, so I've changed the port.

The service is Up and the pods are running.


service/streamsets-service NodePort <none> 18630:30029/TCP 24m

When do see the logs I can see, Running on URI : 'http://streamsets-0.streamsets-service.streamsets-ns.svc.cluster.local:18630' 2020-04-30 13:45:58,149 [user:] [pipeline:] [runner:] [thread:main] [stage:] INFO WebServerTask - Running on URI : 'http://streamsets-0.streamsets-service.streamsets-ns.svc.cluster.local:18630'

The below is my service.yml

apiVersion: v1 kind: Service metadata: name: streamsets-service labels: name: streamsets spec: type: NodePort ports: - port: {{streamsets_port}} targetPort: 18630 nodePort: {{streamsets_nodePort}} selector: role: streamsets

These are the assigned port details:

streamsets_port: 8630

streamsets_nodePort: 30029

streamsets_targetPort: 18630

In my play when I'm executing the below block

`- name: Check if Streamsets is accessible. uri: url: http://localhost:{{streamsets_nodePort}} method: GET status_code: 200 register: streamsets_url_status

  • debug: var: streamsets_url_status.msg The output I'm getting while executing this block -

fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "content": "", "elapsed": 30, "msg": "Status code was -1 and not [200]: Connection failure: timed out", "redirected": false, "status": -1, "url": "http://localhost:30029"}

Can someone help me to understand what is the issue?