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Unable to parse the timestamp by offset ''2020-04-28 04:56:30.613275"'

Appreciate your help in resolving this issue with my streamsets pipeline, looks like this..I am using Multitable consumer to read the data from the DB2 source and writing into HIVE.

The Offset column I am using is the timestamp column in the DB2, while reading I checked the box which converts the timestamp to string, and I am using the function to convert that into the LANG, as per the documentation for the initial Offset, it runs fine with the initial run. But the subsequent runs are failing with the error as there is no function defined for the offset column.

SDC Screenshot.JPG

next run is failing with the below error, " 2020-04-29 17:04:28,673 UIW_CC_TRANSACTION_CCT_EXT/UIWCCTRANSACTIONCCTEXTba5280ba-a221-4f6b-98ce-c1d02c4cae80 INFO Shutting down executor service AbstractTableJdbcSource *10128936@jfs ProductionPipelineRunnable-UIWCCTRANSACTIONCCTEXTba5280ba-a221-4f6b-98ce-c1d02c4cae80-UIW_CC_TRANSACTION_CCT_EXT " Thanks in advance for the response.