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Moving all root level fields to another field?

I have a SDC RPC pipeline that receives records from many other pipelines upon failure in the other pipelines so we can centralize our error processing. The SDC RPC pipeline needs to create a Kafka message that ElasticSearch's Logstash can consume to post the error and information to ElasticSearch.

The need is to initially be able to move all of the top level fields into another field -- /alert_detais -- without knowing in advance what the top level fields are (the can vary over all the other pipelines that will send their pipeline errors to this SDC RPC pipeline).

Looking for suggestions to move a root level field (e.g., /elapsed) to a 'child field' (/alert_details/elapsed). Again the root level fields are not know and of varying count when this SDC RPC pipeline gets the record from the calling pipeline.

Also, tying to see if I can avoid a jython processor this.