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issue using mutual SSL with http client

Want to call Webservice having P12-Softtoken with private key and certificate from customer, cURL-call using this succesfull.

Configured Origin Http-client using mutual SSL in StreamSets:

1st try: Using PKCS-12(P12)-keystorefile I get validation error "HTTP Client 1 TLS_23 - Error attempting to initialize key store with key manager: Get Key failed: Invalid RSA private key : conf.tlsConfig.keyStoreFilePath"

2nd try: Converting P12 to JKS-Keystore using keytool. Validation ok, but on preview I get "com.streamsets.pipeline.api.StageException: HTTP_32 - Error executing request: Error signing certificate verify....Caused by: No installed provider supports this key:"

Any ideas for further investigation, what to check/to do?