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Oracle CDC client origin with Redo Logs option not able to capture changes

I am trying to use Oracle CDC client origin to connect to my Oracle database and redirect the changes captured by it to the file system.When I use Online data dictionary option,the pipeline is able to track changes to the database (record insertin,deletion,updation,etc.) and write to filesystem. But when I use the Redo logs option,the pipeline is neither able to detect schema changes nor data insertion/deletion/updation.Last 2 lines of the logs are as below:

Trying to start LogMiner with start date: 18-09-2018 06:00:53 and end date: 18-09-2018 06:00:53

Attempting to generate records

I have followed all the below prerequistes mentioned in the below Streamsets link,but changes are not getting captured.:

1) Enable LogMiner. 2) Enable supplemental logging for the database or tables. 3) Create a user account with the required roles and privileges. 4) To use the dictionary in redo logs, extract the Log Miner dictionary. 5) Install the Oracle JDBC driver.