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JDBC Query Consumer event generated before completing data process

asked 2020-10-06 12:58:07 -0500

Sujata HS gravatar image

Hi All,

I am new to Streamsets and trying to migrate few pipelines from S3 to PostgreSQL as a origin. I am using "JDBC Query Consumer" as a origin to read records from PostgreSQL table, And performing some count check upon "No-more-data" event.

But event is triggered Before completing the data load/process.

For Example : Total records are 641228 & batch count is 1000 then only 640000 records are inserted and "no-more-data" event is triggered. When I changed the batch count to 100 then only 641200 records are processed Similarly when batch count is 10 then only 641220 records are processed

I want all records to be processed/loaded into target table before triggering any event (no-more-data).

Can anyone help what could be reason or any resolution is much appreciated!!


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1 Answer

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answered 2020-10-10 03:25:36 -0500

abdulsyed gravatar image

Hi. If I understand it correctly you are trying to load data from S3 into Postgres DB is it? If yes, you can use pipeline finisher executor to run once all your records from s3 are empty and has been loaded into Postgres table.

Let me know how you go

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