Error: Invalid Hive Type Definition: {} smallint

asked 2020-10-05 23:14:41 -0500

erik gravatar image

I am attempting to write data to existing Hive tables, no issues with other tables or columns and their data types, with the exception of this error on a singular column of type smallint. I assume it is occurring on the Hive Metadata processor (using the drift sync for Hive setup). Here is the full error that causes the pipeline to fail:

com.streamsets.pipeline.stage.lib.hive.exceptions.HiveStageCheckedException: HIVE_20 - Error executing SQL: DESC db_name.table_name, Reason:HIVE_01 - Error: Invalid Hive Type Definition: {} smallint

Converting incoming data for this smallint column as Java short types and nulls as sdc.NULL_SHORT, then writing to Hive, is the intended behavior, but then I hit this error. Any help or insight would be great, thank you.

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