Streamsets Salesforce destination not working with Platform event

asked 2020-10-02 11:13:21 -0500

bhupesh.sharma gravatar image

Hi, I'm running SDC 3.14.0 in a Docker container

I am trying to update salesforce platform event with salesforce destination. But getting the following error

FORCE_11 - Writing record id 'random:0:0' failed due to: You can't create records for the object: Test_Event__e

When we try with Opportunity object it works (I am update Opportunity) but it doesn't work with Platform Event Object. I am trying to create the event object.

I have provide all the access to the evet object and there are no logs seen the salesforce side.

Not sure what going on, can any one have an insight?

Details Sfdc API - 43.0 SDC - 3.14.0 Default operation is INSERT. All other configuration are at default.

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