jks-credentialstore access in a Shell Executor

asked 2020-08-31 05:22:38 -0600

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In our Requirement, we have a PIPELINE_1 that calls a SHELL script to perform a PROCESS_XYZ which in turn involves STOPPING /STARTING PIPELINE_2 based on the validations inside PROCESS_XYZ For STOPPING /STARTING inside the SHELL , we are using CURL as below

curl -k -u USERNAME:PASSWORD -X POST https://localhost.xcxcx.com:12323/res... -H "X-Requested-By:sdc"

Since the above requires CREDENTIALS , we are considering the option to store the USERNAME/PASSWORD in "jceks" credential store and then retrieve it for the SHELL script inside the PIPELINE_1,

Would this be possible? and which component can fetch us the credentials from the jceks cred store and allow us to pass it to the SHELL?

Any information on this is much appreciated.

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