How to read data from OPC UA Client?

asked 2020-08-27 00:29:17 -0600

raghav.maurya gravatar image

I have successfully configured the OPC UA Client. But I am not able to see any data in Preview mode. My requirement is to read the data from the source system through OPC UA Client and write it into Hive (Cloudera). Please suggest and if possible share a sample pipeline.

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Are you seeing any errors in the logs?

iamontheinet gravatar imageiamontheinet ( 2020-08-27 22:23:53 -0600 )edit

No errors, I want to know how to store this data into Hive tables

raghav.maurya gravatar imageraghav.maurya ( 2020-08-27 23:01:33 -0600 )edit