exchange server mail address config error

asked 2020-08-25 12:18:07 -0600

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Hello, I couldnt find solution for my problem. My config setting is below, but I got error "Authentication unseccessfull" Is there anyone share same problem or can help about this situation ? Regards

mail.transport.protocol=smtp address mail.smtp.port=587 mail.smtp.auth=true

This attribute is used by the StreamSets email client to indicate that the client wants

to upgrade an existing insecure connection to a secure connection using SSL/TLS

cryptographic protocol.


The same username must be set in both xmail.username and xmail.from.address

[when using office365 as your mail provider], otherwise the connection will fail

to authenicate.

xmail.username=<username> xmail.from.address=<username> xmail.password=${file("email-password.txt")}

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