Does a batch Custom StreamSets Processor example exist?

asked 2020-08-14 10:59:20 -0500

AlvinMurphy gravatar image

I'm working on an open source geocoding processor and understanding how or having a template for how custom java processors are templated in batch would be extremely helpful. and are both excellent resources but neither address custom batch processors (both extending from SingleLaneRecordProcessor).

Looking at the source code for SingleLaneRecordProcessor as well I can't seem to find an inherited type that takes this into account.

Geocoding services like perform better under batch operations so having the stage set a min batch would be incredibly helpful to this oss project.

Am I missing an archtype or template somewhere for BatchRecordProcessor?

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If it helps set folks mental model we're converting a Jython processor that does a `Batch by Batch` flow now, we iterate over the records building our batch call prior to writing out the records. It's pretty set in functionality so we want to move it to a full-fledged processor for perf reasons

AlvinMurphy gravatar imageAlvinMurphy ( 2020-08-17 14:19:19 -0500 )edit