Flattening XML tree from JMS consumer

asked 2020-07-08 18:23:14 -0600

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I am a newbie, trying to parse XML messages sent from JMS Queue, my origin is a JMS consumer, used Field Flattener and destination is Local FS writing the messages to a parsed Json output file

sample xml: <order id="001"> <customer name="Janet Brown"/> <product code="prod345" size="6"> <quantity>3</quantity> <amount>23.45</amount> </product> </order>

Issue: The pipeline is running - no errors but at the same time nothing is getting through the pipeline, i see no activity on the log. Strangely the messages are being red from Que at the same time, not sure where the messages are going .

above is a very simple example but my actual xml is much more complicated - if normalized will result is 5 to 6 tables (trying to figure how to do that).

Settings on JMS consumer:

Data format = xml Delimiter element = /Program/*/

Thank you..

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