Query failed unsupported type MAP

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I am doing a POC for data transfer from Postgres Database Table to Memsql Database Table.

I have connected both the database too. Both the database have same no of columns and their name and datatype is also same. In both of the tables there are 8 JSON Columns.

I am using JDBC Query Consumer for Postgres and then sending to Memsql through JDBC Producer. Since JDBC Query Consumer doesn't support JSON so i am selecting Convert to string in unknown type dropdown in Advanced section. After that i use JSON Parser to convert those fields to JSON Format.

Now when i run my pipeline through a job I get the error as Query failed unsupported type MAP while pushing to Memsql database.

Since i have 8 Json Columns hence i use 8 Json Parsers for my 8 json fields which are currently in string format due to Convert To String option. And they are getting converted to format like this

[11] Column1_Name: {MAP}

[12] Column2_Name: {MAP}

Can you please tell me why i am getting the error as Query failed unsupported type MAP given my destination database has column format as JSON only and in the StreamSets after JSON Parser i am converting it to MAP format. I am beginner so not aware how can JSON be managed.

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Team anybody there to help?

Rohan Sharm gravatar imageRohan Sharm ( 2020-05-14 04:44:46 -0500 )edit