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Pass parameters in Start pipeline origin

asked 2020-03-31 12:02:36 -0500

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I have a pipeline called "InitPipeline" which has a runtime parameter "INIT_DATE" with default value of "2020-03-31". I want to use the "Start pipeline" origin to start a "ProcessPipeline" which has a "PROCESS_DATE" runtime parameter, and pass the "INIT_DATE" value as its runtime parameter.

My question is: how do I do that? I tried setting the "Runtime parameters" box inside the "Start pipeline" origin like this:


but the ${INIT_DATE} part is not being evaluated, so the "ProcessPipeline" gets a string with a "${INIT_DATE}" value instead of "2020-03-31".

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answered 2020-04-14 12:42:23 -0500

mmedina gravatar image

Turns out it's a bug in "Start Pipeline" origin stage (it works fine in the processor stage) in Data Collector v3.14 that has already been taken care of in v3.16:

Thanks to @madhu for his help.

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