Error "JDBC_05 - Unsupported data type in record" when using JDBC Producer

asked 2020-03-26 03:45:59 -0500

kenphamvn gravatar image

Hi All i'm newbie, i installed streamset using docker, after that i'm try to create a simple data pipeline, just read data and insert data into other table in SQL Sserver i'm using JDBC Consumer and Producer, but unfortunately i got error "JDBC_05 - Unsupported data type in record" in JDBC Producer when i run the pipeline All data type in table are Nvarchar and i user "Use db Column type" in JDBC Produce Here is my config JDBC Producer link text and here is Error when run pipieline link text i don't now what happen :), i'm try to search solution to fix it but no luck Please help me to fix it many thank An Pham

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