Destination: Field to column Mapping

asked 2019-12-23 16:55:09 -0600

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Hi Guy, I have a simple and single column "Field to Column Mapping" in the destination and trying to figure out how it works. 1. My Origin return a column Name "ColA" SELECT ZIPCODE AS ColA FROM MEDIA_MARKET 2 And I try to map to "ColB" in my destination script to create table ========== CREATE TABLE ssoln.media_market (ColB VARCHAR(40))

Here is the issue or bug under "Field to Column Mapping" 1.Column Name: ColB (Should be Destination ColuMN, but streamset shows the Origin Colum which is ColA (I tried both ColA and ColB, but still didnt work) 2 SDC Field -- this is the Origin Column 3. Parameterized: ? (use default)

The error: com.streamsets.datacollector.runner.PipelineRuntimeException: CONTAINER_0800 - Can't start pipeline due 1 validation error(s). First one: JDBC_07 - Invalid column mapping from field '/COLA' to column '/COLB'

any suggestion? at

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