How to increase reader limit for http server with JSON data?

asked 2019-12-12 07:48:38 -0600

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I'm running SDC and I'm using HTTP Server Origin with data format JSON. When I'm trying to sent to the server an array of 200K objects, I'm getting an error: CONTAINER_0001 - Reader exceeded the read limit '100000000'.

I read in the forum I should set parser.limit in I put the value parser.limit=2147483647, however it didn't help. Even if the correct value is visible on host:/collect/configuration. Then I also set Max Object Length (chars) to 2147483647. Am I right that these two properties (parser.limit and Max Object Length) are related and limited by Integer maximal value?

I'm also wandering if OverrunException may be connected with HTTP property: Max Request Size(MB)? I tried to increase this value, but I've got the message: HTTP_SERVER_PUSH_00 - Max request size '1000MB' exceeds limit '100MB'. Is it possible to change it in file?

Data Format:

Compression Format None,

JSON Content JSON array of objects,

Max Object Length(chars) 2147483647,

Charset UTF-8,

additional information:

sent Content-Length: 184200001

file size: 196 600 003B

I've also tried with the SDC 3.11.0 with the same result.

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