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Running StreamSets Data collector from docker. How to access /resources directory?

asked 2019-12-02 02:52:17 -0500

John Hammink gravatar image

Simple question I know, but I'm getting tied up in knots. Trying to follow this tutorial: but I'm unable to know where locate the StreamSets Resources folder to which to add the GeoIP2 Lite City Database.

Any help is appreciated!

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2 Answers

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answered 2019-12-02 11:29:21 -0500

metadaddy gravatar image

The resources directory is at /resources in the Docker image. You could just copy the GeoIP2 file there using docker cp, or use a named volume for resources, mount it into the Data Collector container, and copy the file in, so that you can use it later:

docker volume create --name sdc-resources
docker run -v sdc-resources:/resources -p 18630:18630 -d --name sdc streamsets/datacollector
docker cp GeoLite2-City.mmdb sdc:/resources
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answered 2019-12-02 03:09:40 -0500

John Hammink gravatar image

OK - I think I can add the file as an external library below. Will try!

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