JDBC Consumer Error SQLState: 08S01

asked 2019-11-12 10:11:46 -0600

lnicolaou gravatar image

updated 2019-11-13 02:50:25 -0600

Hi Guys,

So I'm running a pipeline with a JDBC Consumer. When I run a query without WHERE clause it runs immediately, I add some clauses to my query which take approx 30 seconds to retrieve the data using my database client. I get the error Error: SQLState: 08S01 Message: Socket closed Does anyone now how to solve this, I googled it but didn't find something useful

There is no index on the column in where clause, I can not change this as it's not my database

I have set the following settings in my JDBC Consumer

  • query interval : 10 seconds
  • connection timeout: 30 seconds idle
  • timeout: 1 hour max connection
  • lifetime: 2 hours
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