Stage definition not found after importing from earlier version

asked 2019-11-04 08:52:37 -0500

daveh gravatar image
  • Created a brand new 3.11 SDC instance (for upgrading to).
  • Imported a 3.10 pipeline with a Jython processor stage.
  • Error after import -- "Could not find stage definition for stage name: com_streamsets_pipeline_stage_processor_jython_JythonDProcessor, library: streamsets-datacollector-jython_2_7-lib".
  • Clicked on the provided "Install Missing Stage Library". Where the "Change Stage Library" selection drop down only had one choice -- "Jython 2.7.0".
  • After click another error message -- "REST_1002 - Stage library streamsets-datacollector-jython_2_7-lib already is installed on version 3.11.0".

Work around was to deleted the Jython stage and recreate the stage from scratch by copying the scripts from the stage for the 3.10 version and pasting them back into the newly created stage in the new version.

Seems that the workaround should not be necessary. First why is the stage missing and then why provide an install that selection that yields that the stage is already installed. Catch 22?????

Thanks in advance for any help.

Any help is most appreciated.


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