Hadoop Fs Origin Delimited CSV Files Issue [closed]

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I have an issue when i use Custom property for TAB Delimited files in data format. Is there anyway delimiter character can i make \u0009 and escape character can i make as backslash and quote character as double quote. If i do with these settings I get an issue like escape character and delimiter character cannot be the same "\". The reason why i have used as Custom, I want to pass delimiter as a parameter in that case how do i achieve it.

Any Suggestions

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How do we pass tab delimiter as a parameter in hadoop fs origin stage using escape as \ and enclosure as ". I tried with custom by passing \u0009 as tab character vaue but it fails

Vss@2019 gravatar imageVss@2019 ( 2019-10-16 09:31:42 -0600 )edit