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StreamSets data pipeline standards

asked 2019-07-31 09:05:10 -0600

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updated 2019-07-31 09:25:29 -0600

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I am new to StreamSets and now I need to implement a project where we have 3 environment like development, integration and production. The data is coming from source Excel files and I need to load it to Teradata

I have few questions:

  • Do we have standards to create a pipeline?

  • Please also guide me how to implement it or provide some information related to it?

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answered 2019-07-31 09:24:27 -0600

metadaddy gravatar image

Welcome! Work through the Taxi Transactions Tutorial, and you will see how to create pipelines.

To read Excel files, select the Excel Data Format in a file-based origin such as Directory or SFTP/FTP/FTPS Client.

To write to Teradata, use the JDBC Producer destination. You will need to install the Teradata JDBC driver.

Feel free to ask more detailed questions as you learn more. Good luck!

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