How to connect to SFTP through shell script?

asked 2019-06-24 07:17:37 -0600

Jeyakumar gravatar image

I have a pipeline with Origin as SFTP and Destination as HDFS.As part of file validation using the checksum,i need to connect to SFTP from shell script.

My pipeline

SFTP -> HDFS(Event enabled - Produce event checked) -Shellscript

Configured the parameters for SFTP and HDFS successfully,the files have been ingested in HDFS, However i like to know how to connect to SFTP from shell script in order to find the checksum value of file.

Similarly like to connect with HDFS to find the checksum value of file and Compare the results to identify success or failure.

Please direct me to how to proceed from here.Thanks in advance. PS:In a normal shell script i am able to connect to the SFTP and do the checksum successfully.

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