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Can StreamSets take JSON file as input and output as CSV?

asked 2019-06-10 04:14:13 -0600

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updated 2019-06-10 09:08:15 -0600

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Question as subject. if there any simple doc to guide me to test it out?

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answered 2019-06-10 09:08:02 -0600

metadaddy gravatar image

updated 2019-06-10 09:09:45 -0600

This is fairly straightforward. The one wrinkle is that JSON data is an unordered map, but CSV data is an ordered list. You’ll need to use one or more processors to get the data into the shape you want.

In particular:

  • You will need to use the Field Order processor to convert the unordered map into an ordered list-map or list
  • If the JSON is not ‘flat’, you will need to use Field Flattener
  • You may need to use Field Renamer to rename fields

If you are new to StreamSets Data Collector, the taxi data tutorial is a great place to start.

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