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JDBC Consumer [closed]

asked 2019-06-03 05:11:52 -0600

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updated 2019-06-03 08:27:41 -0600

Hello, I'm trying to connect to SQL DB using JDBC Consumer but getting error:

JDBC_00 - Cannot connect to specified database: com.streamsets.pipeline.api.StageException: JDBC_06 - Failed to initialize connection pool: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to get driver instance for jdbcUrl=jdbc:sqlserver://<sqlservername>:1433;databaseName=XYZ;integratedSecurity=true;

I have tried couple of JDBC strings but no one worked. I followed:

SDC VM is on Azure and SQL Server on premise. Valid network interface has been established and is working for other databases (Not on same server). I would appreciate any guidance that I could get.

Thank you

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answered 2019-06-04 06:05:25 -0600

Gaur gravatar image

It was JDBC driver issue.

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