Properties file in streamsets pipeline

asked 2019-05-12 23:44:10 -0500

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Hi Team,

Is there a way i can read a properties file from the cloud like Azure / Google cloud /AWS and use it in the evaluator? The properties file should be read once and stored in cache for the lookups from the evaluator like javascript eval.

Based on the incoming data, the properties file keys are matched to get the respective value.

For example: I am storing a file ( in Blob storage or S3. The contents of the are as follows:


Incoming records :

{"keyfield":"key1", "value":"2"}
{"keyfield":"key2", "value":"4"}

So the keyfield should be read and based on the keyfield value , the properties file has to be read and the corresponding value should be appended with the record.


 {"keyfield":"key1", "value":"2","propvalue":"value1"}
 {"keyfield":"key2", "value":"4","propvalue":"value2"}
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