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How to debug "Bad request" message in pipeline with an S3 origin

asked 2019-03-30 03:13:03 -0600

rleyba gravatar image

Hi team, I have been getting stumped with my S3 origin pipeline where every time I validate my pipeline, it just continuously says "bad request" no matter how I change among my multiple access IDs and Secret keys , buckets, common prefix and prefix patterns.

See attached screenshot.

I am sure my credentials are correct as I have my AWS CLI utilities installed in the same box as my streamsets. And when I run my AWS s3api commands on the command lines, all the results return fine.

Is there a debug mechanism for us to troubleshoot what exactly the Streamsets validation error is complaining about? Is there a debug option I can turn on in the pipeline or the origin itself?

Thanks and regards.


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1 Answer

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answered 2019-03-30 23:01:49 -0600

rleyba gravatar image

Hi team,

I figured out the answer to my own question. For the S3 bucket name it should literally be just the bucket name without the https and that extension.

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