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I am trying to run a pipeline which does CSV -> Hive, Streamsets pipeline is not picking up CSV file which has a Header but has zero records.

asked 2019-03-20 18:38:51 -0600

Goth gravatar image

There are some CSV Files with Zero records , But they have a header , I am trying to convert them into tables and deploy them to Hive as empty tables which has only schema but no records , Streamsets is not picking up those CSV files . Can anyone suggest a solution to this ? Thanks !

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answered 2019-03-20 18:49:21 -0600

metadaddy gravatar image

Data Collector will only create the Hive tables when it processes an actual data record. CSV files with headers but no data result in no data flowing through the pipeline.

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Thanks for the response , I think i should do them manually now . Is there any better approach you can suggest ?

Goth gravatar imageGoth ( 2019-03-20 18:50:33 -0600 )edit

Not really. Note that, by default, even if you put a single dummy row in each CSV file, all the columns in Hive would be strings, which you likely don't want. You would have to use Field Type Converter to convert strings to integers or whatever,

metadaddy gravatar imagemetadaddy ( 2019-03-20 18:54:07 -0600 )edit
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