JDBC_05 - Unsupported data type in record

asked 2019-02-13 14:02:49 -0500

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Trying to load data from Oracle to Oracle, using JDBC Query Consumer from one DB and loading to another Oracle DB using JDBC Producer, Source and Target has the same column and data types but I am getting

JDBC_05 - Unsupported data type in record

Please help me with your valuable suggestions

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What is the schema of the table? What is the full error message and stack trace from the log?

metadaddy gravatar imagemetadaddy ( 2019-02-13 18:04:33 -0500 )edit

Here is the log, JDBC_05 - Unsupported data type in record: {PDRT_TYPE=Field[STRING:C], PDRT_PFX=Field[STRING:1001], PDRT_MODIFIER=Field[STRING:9809187100110000002], PDRT_DESC=Field[STRING:Test], PDRT_COL_STRUCT=Field[STRING:A], PDRT_MOD_TYPE=Field[STRING:N], PDRT_METH=Field[STRING:P

StreamSK gravatar imageStreamSK ( 2019-02-19 13:54:59 -0500 )edit