when error record policy 'Original Record' still unable to receive the original records.

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updated 2018-12-26 06:58:20 -0500

I have error record policy as 'original record as received by origin' and writing it to kafka topic. But when i receive record on error topic it doesn't contain the original record . All it contains is configuration details ,stack trace that caused error , stage that cause error etc. Please check the comment below for details

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Record1 :MAP truncated :BOOLEAN true text : STRING �{"header":{"stageCreator":"KafkaConsumer_01","sourceId":"streamsTopic::0::69::0","stagesPath":"KafkaConsumer_01:JSONGenerator_01:JavaScriptEvaluator_01","trackingId":"streamsTopic::0::69::0::KafkaConsumer_01:JSONGenerator_01:JavaScriptEvaluator_

piyushss24 gravatar imagepiyushss24 ( 2018-12-26 06:57:58 -0500 )edit