jdbc consumer stored procedure

asked 2018-12-12 11:05:04 -0500

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I test a simple stored procedure in the sql query, but

Error Code: 640 Message: [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 640] [SQLState HY000] ResultSet: findColumn - column not found

The sp is


From the https://streamsets.com/documentation/... It said You can also call stored procedures from the SQL query.

How to run a SP successfully ? Does anyone has an idea?

thanks in advance.

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Is your stored procedure just returning a set of rows--for example, select * from

[where condition]? Can you also update your question and add the entire stack trace?

iamontheinet gravatar imageiamontheinet ( 2018-12-13 11:45:46 -0500 )edit