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Protobuf and osm pbf

asked 2018-11-20 01:57:41 -0600

mikygit gravatar image

Hi, Any idea how to use the Protobuf data format to a process osm pbf file?

I tried by generating a description file using protoc and ... don't really know what to put in 'Message Type'. Tried 'Node' which validated the pipeline but the preview shows no record.

Anybody managed to process osm pbf file using the origin Protobuf format? Any help would be greatly appreciated thx.

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answered 2018-11-22 03:27:26 -0600

mikygit gravatar image

Hi, I'm still stuck on this problem. Getting this error:

SPOOLDIR_01 - Failed to process file '/tmp/input/osm/rhone-alpes-latest.osm.pbf' at position '1': com.streamsets.pipeline.lib.dirspooler.BadSpoolFileException: com.streamsets.pipeline.lib.parser.DataParserException: DATA_PARSER_02 - Parser error: ' Message missing required fields: id, lat, lon'

I'm sure i'm missing smething here so if you happen to have an slight idea, please do not hesitate ;-)

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