how to create sub partitions in hive metadata

asked 2018-10-30 23:44:10 -0500

Soumya_V@dev gravatar image

Hi, I am receiving files from source system in the below formats. yyyy_mm_dd_hh_AMERICAS_test.txt yyyy_mm_dd_hh_EMEA_test.txt yyyy_mm_dd_hh_APJ_test.txt

I would like to create multiple partitions in hive metadata stage using streamsets as below.

AMERICAS/yyyy_mm_dd/test_ EMEA/yyyy_mm_dd/test_ APJ/yyyy_mm_dd/test_

when i tried to create multiple partitions in streamsets i am getting below error, Appreciate if someone can give solution to implement this logic.

Error Stack Trace HIVE_27 - Partition Information mismatch for the table

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