Dynamic Partition on Hive table gives error in Preview mode

asked 2018-10-24 15:23:02 -0500

DDgreat gravatar image

I am using streamSet to create Dynamic partition on Hive table (Table not existing) . Validation is success but preview mode gives error. We just have one POC use case where we have to create partition on system date or any column coming from source data. and for each day insert records into New partition on Hive table. Partition Column Name = serial_id Partition Value Expression = ${record:value('/serial_id')}

Partition Path Template = ${record:value('/serial_id')} Even tried with --> Partition Value Expression = ${record:attribute('/serial_id')}

Error: getting error in Preview mode: Record1-Error Record HIVE_METADATA_02 - Record is missing necessary data ${record:attribute('serial_id')} : ( View Stack Trace... ) LIST_MAP

Also want to know: Using StreamSet how we can create dynamic partition on hive target table based on 'SYSTEM DATE'?

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