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we are using Log4j for server logging. Current Active filename will be server.log and this file gets renamed to server.log.yyyyMMdd by the end of the day. Ex: today's logs will be written to server.log and by 10/17 12 AM , this file gets renamed to server.log.20171016 and the logs for 10/17 will be written to server.log

Need help in setting up the FileTail so that logs are streamed in Real time.

In the logs folder ,we have the log files for past 1 month. we don't want to stream all the older logs. Requirement is to stream logs from previous day to current & future.

in the current setting we used the below , it is just streaming the logs till EOD and then not streaming any after that.

Path : xxx/default/logs/${PATTERN} Naming : file matching a pattern Pattern : server.log first File :

filenames available in our logs folder server.log server.log.20171015 server.log.20171014 server.log.20171013 and so on till 09/16

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Hi, were you able to read the log data from file tail origin. I have similar requirement to read the transactional changes from a file and stream the data to downstream application. Need help in setting up the file tail so that data is streamed in real time.

srinath_222 gravatar imagesrinath_222 ( 2018-11-28 14:22:57 -0500 )edit