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How can I use the StreamSets Control Hub API to see how many jobs are currently running in my cluster?

asked 2018-10-08 10:12:47 -0500

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updated 2018-10-08 14:53:12 -0500

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I have a set of jobs that are scheduled to run at different times, and at any given point in time I want to figure out exactly how many jobs are currently running, i.e. not just active, but actually running. What rest API call gives me the information to determine this?

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answered 2018-10-08 14:52:57 -0500

metadaddy gravatar image

You can use the /jobrunner/rest/v1/jobs/byStatus?jobStatus=ACTIVE REST API CALL to query for active jobs - pipeline status (RUNNING etc) is included in the response.

For example, I have one active job, with one running pipeline - you can see the RUNNING status in this response:

    "id": "3fd72a3f-cb97-4dc3-8a97-48af3705b6a4:metadaddy",
    "name": "Job for MySQL to Kafka",
    "description": null,
    "organization": "metadaddy",
    "creator": "admin@metadaddy",
    "createTime": 1538622464738,
    "lastModifiedBy": "admin@metadaddy",
    "lastModifiedOn": 1539027058225,
    "destroyer": null,
    "deleteTime": 0,
    "jobDeleted": false,
    "pipelineName": "MySQL to Kafka",
    "pipelineId": "e62a3b49-fc76-4c06-8075-4f59c67bd385:metadaddy",
    "pipelineCommitId": "0b23cd13-220c-471a-a95c-9508a4727a77:metadaddy",
    "rulesId": "accc8864-64cc-4e91-9f11-bafaae6d6261:metadaddy",
    "pipelineCommitLabel": "v4",
    "labels": [
    "currentJobStatus": {
      "id": "67b5ae89-53f4-4a42-b2ab-41e790c96fad:metadaddy",
      "jobId": "3fd72a3f-cb97-4dc3-8a97-48af3705b6a4:metadaddy",
      "pipelineCommitId": "0b23cd13-220c-471a-a95c-9508a4727a77:metadaddy",
      "runCount": 10,
      "user": "admin@metadaddy",
      "startTime": 1539027665879,
      "finishTime": 0,
      "errorMessage": null,
      "sdcIds": [
      "status": "ACTIVE",
      "warnings": [],
      "ackTrackers": [
          "sdcId": "4d979509-c754-11e8-b55d-db71045cb2fb",
          "createTime": 224556841797452,
          "ackStatus": "SUCCESS",
          "message": null,
          "eventType": "SAVE_PIPELINE"
          "sdcId": "4d979509-c754-11e8-b55d-db71045cb2fb",
          "createTime": 224556885212095,
          "ackStatus": "SUCCESS",
          "message": null,
          "eventType": "START_PIPELINE"
      "pipelineOffsets": null,
      "pipelineStatus": [
          "sdcId": "4d979509-c754-11e8-b55d-db71045cb2fb",
          "name": "MySQL to Kafka:3fd72a3f-cb97-4dc3-8a97-48af3705b6a4:metadaddy",
          "title": "MySQL to Kafka",
          "jobId": "3fd72a3f-cb97-4dc3-8a97-48af3705b6a4:metadaddy",
          "localPipeline": false,
          "status": "RUNNING",
          "lastReportedTime": 1539027893303,
          "worker": [],
          "message": null,
          "clusterMode": false
      "edge": false
    "parentJobId": null,
    "systemJobId": null,
    "numInstances": 1,
    "migrateOffsets": false,
    "statsRefreshInterval": 60000,
    "runtimeParameters": "{\"\":\"\"}",
    "edge": false,
    "timeSeries": false,
    "forceStopTimeout": 120000,
    "provenanceMetaData": {}
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