Unable to populate Properties/Metadata in RabbitMQ Producer

asked 2018-08-27 22:00:14 -0500

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updated 2018-08-28 12:58:06 -0500

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I am trying to post a message to Rabbit MQ using the Rabbit MQ Producer in Stream set. I was able to post the message successfully, but when i tried to include some form of metadata like topic name in the message itself it is not posting.

I am not sure where to set these properties on stream set side. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Please find the attached screenshot from rabbit MQ and i have highlighted where i want to see the properties.

Do let me know if you need any information on this one.

Thanks in advance Venu

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Hi Venu, where can I see the screenshot?

iamontheinet gravatar imageiamontheinet ( 2018-08-28 11:47:17 -0500 )edit

BTW, Have you looked into setting properties under Queue as well as Exchange tabs where you can add new Bindings of type Topic etc.? https://streamsets.com/documentation/datacollector/latest/help/datacollector/UserGuide/Destinations/RabbitMQ.html#concept_pxj_rvy_dv

iamontheinet gravatar imageiamontheinet ( 2018-08-28 12:53:04 -0500 )edit

Hi thank you for your response. I can post the message successfully to Rabbit MQ, but when we process the message (Rabbit MQ) it saying Type should not be NULL or Blank. when added Type in Stream Set (Set AMQP Message Properties) Message itself not posting to Rabbit MQ.

Venu gravatar imageVenu ( 2018-08-28 13:39:11 -0500 )edit

Have you tried creating a new binding under Exchange tab --> Bindings of Type 'Topic'? That seems to work for me.... in RabbitMQ Management UI, I see my topic under Exchanges and I also see it as part of the message. (Not part of the Payload but under Exchange.)

iamontheinet gravatar imageiamontheinet ( 2018-08-28 14:24:32 -0500 )edit