Is StreamSets a possible replacement for ODI (Oracle Data Integrator)?

asked 2018-08-08 16:03:30 -0600

radk gravatar image

I know that this is broad question and the answer will mostly be “it depends on what you want to do”, but I’m trying to get an answer from an overall perspective. Today, most of the projects that I work on are related to “classical” Data Warehousing, which is getting data from several sources (majority Oracle DBs), unifying, cleaning the data and storing it in a way to be used somewhere else, like OBIEE reports, Tableau, Essbase cubes and so on.

Today one of the most versatile ETL tools out there would be ODI, so that’s where my question is coming from. So, is StreamSets x ODI a valid comparison in “general data warehouse” kind of projects or we shouldn’t compare them at all?


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