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SDC Package Manager Fails to communicate out behind proxy

asked 2017-09-11 10:42:33 -0500

csmykay gravatar image


I have a cluster that has to run behind a VPN server and proxy server. I configured SDC for proxies following the section "Using an HTTP or HTTPS Proxy Server" here:

My proxy server is a http only proxy and I can get it from a linux host as well as YUM just fine.

I also tried to add this to no aval:


What did I miss?

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-10-17 10:51:26 -0500

jeff gravatar image

Can you please paste the lines you added to (redacted if necessary), as well as the corresponding environment variables used by yum, which is working?

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Asked: 2017-09-11 10:42:33 -0500

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