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Which is the compatible stage library for hive 2.3.2 version? [closed]

asked 2018-02-26 00:02:11 -0500

Maithri gravatar image

I am trying to connect hive using streamsets. What would be the supported stage library for hive 2.3.2 version? I am getting error with CDH 5.10.1.I tried changing the stage libraries and checked but,still I am facing the error.

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answered 2018-07-11 03:56:02 -0500

Maithri gravatar image

updated 2018-07-11 12:10:51 -0500

jeff gravatar image

Issue was not with the stage library version but missing configuration file in StreamSets resources folder. Problem solved and I was able to establish connection to hive after placing proper configuration files in hadoop-conf of StreamSets resources directory. Placed all the configuration files as mentioned in :

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