How can I resolve Parse record error for HTTP Client(processor) ?

asked 2021-03-17 17:13:04 -0500

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Error : HTTP_00 - Cannot parse record. HTTP-Status: 200 Reason: XML Object at offset '0' exceeds max length '4096'; current position '4179'th

Issue For all rowID in the table I am trying to find real ID from website (GET API ) and add ID it into table ( ID column) and then plan to do (PUt API) to change the data on website. I am stuck at this error! Can you help ?

Query for JDBC (Reading from table and GET API) SELECT ROWID ,'https://server//api/lookup_values?lookup[name]=Database-Campus-ProfitCenter-GPGL-CapExID&[external-ref-code][contains]=' +LEFT(AccountNumber,charindex('-',AccountNumber)+charindex('-',AccountNumber)-1)+'&[external-ref-code][contains]='+RIGHT(AccountNumber, CHARINDEX('-', REVERSE(AccountNumber)) - 1) AS URL FROM ProfitCenterDeactivationData WHERE IsDeActivated='N' ORDER BY ROWID

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