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How do I create a string record with the contents of a wholefile?

asked 2021-02-11 16:23:58 -0500

Jorge Arévalo gravatar image

updated 2021-02-11 16:24:14 -0500

I'm using a Jython processor to read a plain text file from SFTP location and generate a record with the content of that file. So:

input_stream = record.value['fileRef'].getInputStream()

Now, should I call until EOF and assign the result to record.value?

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answered 2021-02-11 16:36:57 -0500

Jorge Arévalo gravatar image

updated 2021-02-12 03:10:34 -0500

Ok, I've found this

I would like to read the whole file without going line by line, but it's a good starting point

EDIT: that solution basically works, but I cannot accept my own response

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