What's the parameters for upgrade job REST API?

asked 2020-11-19 03:01:43 -0500

Dean gravatar image

Here are some REST API to upgrade job to latest pipeline. 1. /jobrunner/rest/v1/job/{jobId}/upgrade I pass the JobId and CiVerfied (version number of target pipeline) the API run successfully. But when I update the linked version number of job to a lower version manually and then run the API again, it failed and returns 400 error. Does it possible that I can run the API multiple times to upgrade a job to latest pipeline version?

  1. /jobrunner/rest/v1/jobs/upgradeJobs I passed the paramters body [{"jobid": "xxx"}] and ciVerified (latest version number of pipeline) but it run failed. Would anyone can do me a favor how to pass these 2 parameters to run the API successfully?

  2. /pipelinestore/rest/v1/pipelineCommit/{commitId}/publish When I tried to publish a pipeline via REST API, I passed the commitId and commitMessage but it run failed. Any help about the root cause would be appreciated.

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