Not able to pull data from Amazon S3

asked 2020-11-12 09:25:17 -0500

Feroz gravatar image

Im running StreamSets Data Collector 3.19.0 and trying to pull logs from Amazon S3. Below are my config settings

location in Amazon S3 from where I'm pulling logs: s3://711cloudflare7-11/Logs/*.log.gz

Authentication Method : AWS Keys Access Key ID : <accesskey id=""> Secret Access Keys : <sak> Bucket : 711cloudflare7-11 Common Prefix : Logs/ Prefix Pattern : *.log.gz Data format : Log Log Format: Common Log Format

When I try to do a preview to see how the log events from Amazon S3 are being pulled, I do not see anything happening. I don't see any errors swell. Appreciate if anyone can help getting this fixed.


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