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I tried using runtime resources. Used param1 as ${runtime:loadResource("epoch.txt", false)} and called in Initial Timestamp property of MongoDB Oplog Origin.

It is giving error as below:

CREATION_005 - Could not resolve implicit EL expression '${param1}': com.streamsets.pipeline.api.el.ELEvalException: CTRCMN_0100 - Error evaluating expression ${param1}: javax.servlet.jsp.el.ELException: An exception occured trying to convert String "math:round(time:dateTimeToMilliseconds(time:now()) / 1000)" to type "int"

Looks like it runtime resources is supporting only string types and in the origin it is expecting int data type. I was unable to convert to Int type.

For the second option of starting pipeline using REST API, I am not sure of how to proceed. We do not have Control Hub setup, all the documentation refers to Streamsets Control Hub.