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IMO multitable consumer is not meant for that, The main purpose of this is to read database data from multiple tables in the parallel approach.

If you want to one table after other, I don't have a straight solution but it's worth giving a try and playing with the below JDBC MULTITABLE CONSUMER


Strategy to create each batch of data:

Switch Tables - Each thread creates a batch of data from one table, and then switches to the next available table to create the next batch. Define the Result Set Cache Size and the Batches from Result Set properties when you configure a switch tables strategy.

Process All Available Rows from the Table - Each thread creates multiple batches of data from one table, until all available rows are read from that table.


initial order used to read the tables: None - Reads the tables in the order that they are listed in the database. Alphabetical - Reads the tables in alphabetical order. Referential Constraints - Reads the tables based on the dependencies between the tables.